INFINITE VOYAGER Medium Crescent Cushion
No back of leg pain...
INFINITE VOYAGER Medium Crescent Cushion
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The Medium Crescent Cushion is designed for more flexible beings who require just a little lift under their buttocks and continued support along the thighs as their knees gently touch the floor. Now available in two filling options: our popular plush poly or firm buckwheat.
Dimensions 20" x 15" x 6"
Plush Poly 4 lb.
NEW! Firm Buckwheat 5 lb.
Features Benefits
Favorite of Yoga Meditators
Slender & lightweight
Tuck it under your arm, or use the easy carry handle!
Versatile! Put it on your lap to prop up the book you're reading...
Or, put it under your feet at the computer...
Teenagers really love this size & the cool patterns it comes in!
You are going to love your new INFINITE VOYAGER MEDITATION CUSHION!

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