INFINITE VOYAGER Large Crescent Meditation Cushion
The ahhhh pillow...
INFINITE VOYAGER Large Crescent Meditation Cushion
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The Large Crescent Cushion is designed for people who cannot sit with their knees to the floor or require greater support, people who are new to sitting, or those who experience hip, knee or ankle pain. This size offers a generous seating area with ample support for the thighs and knees thereby ensuring greater comfort. Most cushy pillow on the Internet!
Dimensions 21" x 18" x 7"
Features Benefits
Excellent gift for the big & tall among us.
Convenient carry handle at back of cushion.
Extra seating for informal gatherings!
Excellent baby support for nursing mothers!
Plush, supportive poly filling...totally washable!
You are going to love your new INFINITE VOYAGER MEDITATION CUSHION!

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